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In today’s labour market, High Income Skills make you valuable to either your employer or your community. If you work in an organization where your skill is being utilized as an addition to the other services you render, you’d be closer to being indispensable.


A skill is an expertise, the ability to do something very well that people can pay you for.


One skill is tied to 7 ways money comes into your account. If you have one skill and master it then start earning in 7 different ways from that skill.

For example sewing of clothes and selling to people is just one way out of 7 by which a fashion designer can make money from a sewing skill.


If you have 3 skills, multiply 7 by 3 skills that is 21 various income streams for you every month!


High Income Skills are surely one of the best answers to job security. While many people are losing their jobs to machines, automations or robots, you are safe because your job or source of income is safe.


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